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SHIATSU is a Japanese manual technique based mainly on the pressures brought with the thumbs, fingers, palms of the hands and elbows. This technique considers the human being as a multifunctional system, composed of energetic, psychic and physical elements in a condition of constant interdependence, where "the absence of health", and therefore of well-being, is the concrete and perceptible expression of the loss of energy balance or disharmony.


The TREATMENT lasts about an hour and generally takes place on a tatami, even if it can be practiced on a massage bed or chair (in this last case the sessions are about half an hour). It is advisable for both the operator and the recipient to wear comfortable clothing made of natural fibers (cotton, linen, etc.).


The EFFECTS of shiatsu can be multiple and not only to be considered in energetic but also physical terms such as:

- deep relaxation,

- the relaxation of muscle and joint tension,

- the alleviation of painful joint pathologies,

- improvement of disorders such as anxiety, asthma, insomnia        and depression.

N.B: These techniques "ARE NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR ANY MEDICAL, PARAMEDIC, PSYCHOLOGICAL AND PSYCHIATRIC THERAPIES" but are methods aimed at restoring the user's energy balance.

N.B: This profession is governed by law no. 4 (Official Gazette January 26, 2013 No. 22)

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