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The complete training has three distinct levels. Between one level and another, the student must allow the necessary time to elapse to allow him to practice the technique and refine his sensitivity and perception skills. In particular:


1° Level (Shoden):

The duration of the course can vary from 12 to 16 hours of overall training (depending on the number of participants). Prerequisite to participate: none.

In this level the "Activations / Attunements" to Reiki are received (they allow the participant to resonate with the Reiki energy, allowing him to channel and direct it using his own hands). You learn:

- Brief historical notions.

- Self-treatment.

- How to treat others.

- Some Japanese Reiki techniques.

During the course there are practical exercises and working with different partners.


2° Level (Okuden):

La durata del corso può variare dalle 12 alle 16 ore di formazione complessiva (a seconda del numero di partecipanti).

Prerequisito per partecipare: avere fatto il Livello I.

The duration of the course can vary from 12 to 16 hours of overall training (depending on the number of participants). Prerequisite to participate: having completed Level I.

In this level one receives "Activation" at the 2nd Reiki Level. You learn:

- The energy keys and their use in treatments (Symbols).

- 2nd Level Self-treatment.

- Various 2nd level treatments (to others, to situations, at a distance).

- Japanese Reiki Techniques.


3° Level (Shinpiden): 

The duration of the course can vary from 16 to 24 hours of overall training.

Prerequisite to participate: having completed Level I and Level II. - In this level you receive "Activation" at the last symbol.

- We also learn the essential elements to be able to transmit activations and teach the discipline. In the West it is also known as a master's or mistress level. Note that some schools divide the third level into two distinct sub-levels.


Each course includes the teaching material (manual) and the certificate of achievement of the level attended..

N.B: These techniques "ARE NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR ANY MEDICAL, PARAMEDIC, PSYCHOLOGICAL AND PSYCHIATRIC THERAPIES" but are methods aimed at restoring the user's energy balance.

N.B: This profession is governed by law no. 4 (Official Gazette January 26, 2013 No. 22). 

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From mid-October the Reiki courses of all three levels will begin.

From this year we will begin to organize free exchange meetings for students and members; it will therefore be enough to join in order to take part.


In compliance with the anti COVID-19 regulations, we will keep groups of a few people, so in order to participate you can contact me via Email, what's up and SMS, indicating if you are interested in the courses and at what level, or in the presentation meetings or exchange treatments .


This will allow me and our Association to manage everything in a more fluid way and at the same time to meet your needs. We are waiting for you !!! Have a good day!!!

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