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REIKI is a Japanese discipline, a natural energy rebalancing method that aims to stimulate the body's vital energy and therefore its self-healing capacity, to improve one's psychophysical well-being. This technique allows the reiki practitioner to act as a connection, as a channel between the energy of the universe and the vital energy of the human being. It is also very suitable for self-treatment.


The SESSION lasts about an hour and generally takes place on a massage bed; the operator simply keeps his hands very close to the recipient's body, without touching it, or resting them gently. For both, it is advisable to wear comfortable clothing made of natural fibers (cotton, linen, etc.).


BENEFITS of Reiki, despite being a very gentle technique, can range from pure relaxation to the improvement of physical and emotional discomfort, stimulating the correct flow of vital energy.

N.B: These techniques "ARE NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR ANY MEDICAL, PARAMEDIC, PSYCHOLOGICAL AND PSYCHIATRIC THERAPIES" but are methods aimed at restoring the user's energy balance.

N.B: This profession is governed by law no. 4 (Official Gazette January 26, 2013 No. 22)

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