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Dr. Andrea Bigotto


Shiatsu & Psychology is an integrated approach useful for giving support to the person and helping him to take care of himself. Shiatsu is an energy rebalancing treatment that stimulates the person's vital energy to allow for better flow throughout the body, naturally stimulating a self-healing process. The benefits in terms of mental health are manifold as it "activates" a connection between mind and body that helps the recipient to pay more attention to their condition, contributing to greater body awareness. For some time I have been collaborating with Dr. Andrea Bilotto, Psychologist and Relational Systemic Psychotherapist, president of the Italian Association for the prevention of Cyberbullying and Sexting (A.I.C.S.). Dr. Bilotto deals with disorders in the developmental age and support for parenting. Receives in Santo Stefano di Ravenna in Via Cella n. 530.


Receives in Santo Stefano di Ravenna, 

Via Cella n. 530.


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